Buying vs. Building a House

Buy vs. Build Your Dream Home

Building a House

You know how it goes. You’re house hunting with your checklist in hand and really hoping to find a home with a walk-in closet, an oversized island and a spacious, finished basement. You find one with the island but not the closet, and maybe a basement that looks promising with a little bit of elbow grease. Instead, consider investing in a home that will truly be yours by building from the ground up. Building a house with Trinity means you can check all of your dream items off your list—and then some.

Location, Location, Location
Let’s say you found a home on the market with the walk-in closet, the island and the basement. But the next door neighbors happen to be the thousands of drivers making their noisy late night commute around I-270—not ideal. Building a house allows you more freedom in where you wake up every morning. Want to be closer to work? Done. Don’t mind the commute and want to be submerge yourself in nature instead? Sure thing! We love a challenge, so hit us with your wildest dreams.

Keep It Trendy
Perhaps one of the less considered perks of building a home is being able to integrate the latest building techniques and technology into the home. Energy efficiency is a hot topic, and building a house from the ground up means you can incorporate energy-saving technologies like solar panels, better windows and insulation, eco-friendly materials and more. In fact, homes built after 2000 consume on average 21% less energy for heating than older homes, which means a cheaper energy bill for your family. Add in the latest smart home technology like security systems and remote appliance controls and watch the price point of your new home grow.

No one likes to spend their Sunday cleaning up water in the basement from a leaky pipe. Building a house provides insurance that the structure is secure and will require minimal maintenance. Get out your slippers and light a fire in that brand new fireplace, because with the lack of repairs to be made around the house, you’ll have some serious relaxing to do!

Whatever your dream home checklist might contain, it is easy to check all the boxes when building a house. Not sure where to start? Contact a Trinity Homes representative today and see what possibilities await.