Adding Curb Appeal to Your Home: How to Make a Great First Impression

Adding Curb Appeal – How to Make a Great First Impression

Curb Appeal

“You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.” This old adage applies to your home, as well. A home’s front exterior is the first time guests will see your home, and it is your first chance to make a great impression. Dress up your home’s curb appeal with these tips and it will stand out among the crowd.

Clean Up
The first thing you can do to instantly make the outside of your home look well maintained is to clean up the remnants of last year’s plants and flowers. Prune back those branches and remove dead plants and shrubs that didn’t survive the winter.

Lay Fresh Mulch
Even the most perfectly manicured yard can benefit from fresh mulch. Available in a variety of colors, mulch adds color and texture to your lawn and can help enhance overall curb appeal of your home.

Decorate Your Door
While your front door is the focal point of your home, it is oftentimes forgotten about. Get creative and don’t be afraid to go bold. Upgrade your door, add a splash of color, or give your home a touch of personality with a creative wreath.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Lighting
Landscape lighting enhances the beauty of your entire home. Whether adding some uplighting to the front of your home, or hanging a string of lights around your patio, lighting is naturally welcoming and provides safety benefits to your home.

Accent with Potted Plants
If you don’t have room for a curbside garden, or if you want to add more greenery to your home without the hassle of landscaping, potted plants can be a lifesaver. “Container gardens” are easy to set up and customize, and can add a welcoming feel to your entryway or porch.

Design Your Mailbox
Your mailbox doesn’t have to be an afterthought. By picking a box that matches your home, and dressing up the area around it, you can truly maximize your curb appeal.

Get Creative with Yard Art
It’s easy to go overboard with lawn sculptures, but when done properly, subtle fountains, birdbaths, and wind chimes can make a front lawn stand out above the rest.

Detail Your Driveway
Depending on the type of driveway you have, upkeep and maintenance can vary. At a minimum, get rid of any weeds growing up between cracks, trim the grass along the edges, and maybe add some flowers and foliage along the sides. If you are up for it, repair cracks and holes in your driveway and consider having it resealed, if necessary.

Redo Your Railings
Porch railings and entryway hand railings are important accent pieces to your home’s curbside appeal. However, these railings tend to degrade faster than other parts of the home, making them easy to neglect. Make your home stand out by applying a fresh coat of paint, or replacing them if necessary.

Add Landscaping
Tall trees in your front lawn, while adding character, can oftentimes harm the surrounding grass. Covering up the dead patches of your grass with mulch and planting flowers can make your whole lawn appear more healthy and put together.

Upgrade Your Garage Door
Depending on the age of your house, your garage door is probably starting to take some wear and tear. Repainting—or installing a brand new door—can do great things for your curbside appeal. Keep in mind that a garage door is similar to your front door in that it can become the focal point of your house, so choose a color that works well with the rest of your home.

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