Customization Options For Your New Home

New Build Customization: The Sky is the Limit

When you choose to build with Trinity, you’ll have nearly endless customization options for creating your family’s dream home. The first step in building a Trinity home is choosing from our dozens of tried-and-true floor plans, and selecting a home site in one of Columbus’ best neighborhoods. From there, the sky is the limit!

You’ll head to our Home Design Center, where a coordinator will help personalize your home down to the last detail. You’ll choose all of your flooring, from luxurious hardwood floors to plush wall-to-wall carpeting to chic slate.


You can design your dream chef’s kitchen, picking from a variety of top-of-the-line granite countertops, perusing kitchen sink designs and faucets, specifying cabinet finishes and more.

And your house won’t look like any other house on the block once you choose your exterior brick or siding color, front door design and coordinating trim hues.

But what if you need to make major changes to the floor plan? Not a problem. We know every family is different, and every family’s needs are different. Our in-house architects are prepared to modify any of our unique floor plans to fit your specific lifestyle.

We can increase the size of your garage to accommodate a larger vehicle. We can tweak bathroom designs to meet the requirements of a special needs family member. We can add special-purpose rooms and even modify the orientation of certain rooms in the house.

No matter what your needs, we can work with you to create a truly custom home that’s perfect for your family.


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