Is an Inventory Home Right For You?

Is an Inventory Home Right for You?

Inventory Homes in Ohio

You love the idea of owning a new and modern home, but you have no interest in taking on the lengthy building process or being forced to make a lot of design decisions.  If this sounds like you, one of the many inventory homes in Ohio may be the perfect fit for you.

Inventory homes—which are also referred to as move-in ready, featured, spec, or immediate delivery homes—are designed and constructed by a custom home builder, without a specific purchaser in mind. Inventory homes are available in the top neighborhoods throughout Central Ohio, featuring different floor plans, and in all phases of construction.

In a Hurry?

Enjoy a luxury new-build home without the lengthy building process. Because these homes are often sold when they are near completion or finished, you can expect to be settled into your new home within a matter of weeks. They are move-in ready and require little effort to bring your dream home to life. Sometimes, the homes are staged with furniture and decor that can be purchased.

Want the Newest Features?

Inventory homes give buyers the opportunity to have a new and updated home without having to go through the process of building from the ground up. Oftentimes these homes are outfitted with upgraded features and top-of-the-line finishes. Not everyone loves the idea of choosing every feature of their new home, so having a design team to make those creative decisions is a huge benefit. Decisions about flooring, fixtures, countertops, etc., are either eliminated or reduced, depending on how far along the construction process is for your inventory home.

Seeing is Believing

Let’s be honest, not everyone can look at building plans and floor plans and be able to envision what the end result will look like. Inventory homes allow you to see the home before you buy it; take a walk through the home and ensure it is a good fit for your family and how you live.  You may also have the opportunity to customize various aspects of your home that will let you add your personality and personal touch to your dream home.

Grow Your Investment Faster

Builders are often motivated to sell their inventory homes, which can mean big savings for you.  Inventory homes are often priced lower than new-builds, and there may be additional incentives offered at signing.  This means that what is probably your single largest investment will build equity and become even more valuable in a shorter period of time.

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