The 411 on Gigi's – Improving the Lives of Shelter Dogs

The 411 on Gigi’s – Improving the Lives of Shelter Dogs

Shelter Dogs

Trinity Homes has been building high quality, semi-custom and custom homes in Central Ohio since 1963. While we are dedicated to helping families find the perfect home, our passion also extends to helping shelter dogs find new, loving homes.  

Gigi’s Shelter for Dogs was established with the help of Trinity Homes founder, George Skestos and his wife, Tina, with the vision that all shelter dogs find a happy home. Rather than operating as a traditional independent shelter, Gigi’s has created a collaborative resource network that connects existing shelters and adoption centers with expertise and support to improve the health and well-being of the dogs and increase efficiencies within the system. 

Part of the Gigi’s project is a 15,000 square-foot facility located on 3 acres in Central Ohio. Before construction began on the facility, George and Tina consulted with Columbus Humane and experts at Ohio State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine to ensure they were creating a facility that would be useful and efficient. 

The facility boasts four large kennel wards with abundant natural light—engineered to reduce stress and promote health and wellness—as well as a veterinary clinic, a behavioral evaluation room, grooming space, a classroom, and even an indoor exercise arena.

Gigi’s staff regularly travel to our shelter partners to bring adoptable dogs back to their campus. At Gigi’s the dogs receive high-quality medical care and behavioral evaluation, and, when they are ready for adoption, they are transferred to one of our adoption center partners to find their permanent home. Gigi’s funds all of the transportation, veterinary care, behavioral support, housing, and shelter processing costs for all the dogs in the program. The dogs also are groomed, photographed and featured on adoption websites. Once the dogs “graduate” from Gigi’s, they head north to Columbus Humane. On average, that takes about three days.

During its first month in operation, in October 2018, Gigi’s helped find homes for 112 dogs; by August 2019, Gigi’s had welcomed its 1,000th dog into its care! Gigi’s graduates are happy, healthy, and often find their home within weeks instead of waiting months to be adopted. Visit Gigi’s to learn more about their innovative work to improve the lives of shelter dogs.