A First-Of-Its-Kind Dog Shelter Facility – Gigi's Shelter for Dogs

A First-Of-Its-Kind Shelter for Dogs

Shelter for Dogs

Trinity Homes specializes in building custom homes for Central Ohio families, but our team also has a soft spot for dogs in need of new, loving homes.

Shelter for Dogs

So we couldn’t be more excited to introduce Gigi’s Shelter for Dogs, a first-of-its-kind dog shelter facility designed to house dogs and puppies in transition between rural animal shelters and urban adoption agencies.

Gigi’s Shelter for Dogs has been created in partnership with the Capital Area Humane Society to address common challenges animals face, namely dogs that become sick or suffer during the time they spend in a rural animal shelter. Healthier animals are more likely to quickly be adopted to forever homes.

Fueled by the best of intentions, too many rural Ohio shelters are ill-equipped, overpopulated and under-funded—and the dogs suffer as a result. Meanwhile, just a few miles away, agencies like CAHS struggle to meet the high public demand for adoptable dogs.

Shelter for Dogs

While rescue groups are an important part of the answer for dogs in need, they don’t address the root causes of sickness and suffering found in many rural shelters.

Trinity Homes’ founder George Skestos devised a solution, putting his passion into action to help more dogs find loving homes. Working with those whohave expertise in animal welfare and sheltering, he found a way to help rural Ohio shelters provide the best care possible and get dogs safely and quickly to CAHS and other shelters with the capacity for adoptable dogs.

Gigi’s Shelter for Dogs is a first-class, state-of-the-art, 12,500-square-foot facility equipped to house approximately 40 adult dogs and puppies.

Shelter for Dogs

The shelter boasts four large wards with natural lighting, as well as a veterinary clinic complete with all of the staff, supplies, and equipment to keep dogs healthy.

Comfortable and quiet kennel spaces are engineered to reduce dog stress and promote health and wellness. Gigi’s Shelter for Dogs also has a behavioral evaluation room, grooming space, a classroom and even an indoor exercise arena.

Thanks to Gigi’s Shelter for Dogs, now there’s only a few miles between “homeless” and “home.”


Shelter for Dogs