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Transform Your Home in a Winter Wonderland

‘Tis the season for hanging up stockings and decorating the tree! Worrying about adding that perfect festive touch? Holiday decorating shouldn’t add stress to the season. Instead, follow our guide to simple holiday decor and spend more time cozied up by the fire with your loved ones, just as the holidays ought to be spent.

Accentuate What You Already Have

Rather than rushing around finding the perfect red, green and gold bundles of decor, accentuate the colors that are already present in your home. If your tabletop is usually layered with hues of blue, add some evergreen boughs and topiaries embellished with small blue ornaments.

Bring Summer Inside

You’ve already brought all of your summertime furniture and gear inside for the winter, right? Don’t let it sit in the garage gathering dust all winter. Instead, use a watering can adorned with a wintry bouquet to add a rustic, farmhouse feel in the entryway.

Festive Candles

Scented candles are a staple during the winter months. Get extra style points by swapping out your traditional white, cotton—or flower—scented candles for green, red or blue colored candles. Who doesn’t want to walk into a home smelling of pine in the wintertime?

Garland Galore

Sometimes the quickest way to add holiday decor is to run evergreen garland along the banister or fireplace mantel. Add bold splashes of red by tying in festive bows or poinsettias. Make it glow with a single strand of holiday lights, and voila! You’re done!

Exteriors Made Simple

Don’t have time to get on the roof and secure holiday lights for the neighbors to enjoy? Take a deep breath and pass on pulling out the ladder. A simple arrangement of pine tied to the mailbox with accents of red and pinecones can give your home that easy first impression you’ve been searching for. You can also go the extra mile and hang a lit wreath or two in the windows.

Make Your Rooms Glow

An easy way to finesse your holiday decor is to add subtle shimmer throughout the home. A small, flickering candle in the bathroom, soft twinkling lights around the fireplace, or bits of silver sparkling in the center of the dining table can help elevate the decorations you’ve already placed.

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