Homeownership Matters To People and Communities

Why Homeownership Matters

Homeownership can impact many things, including quality of life, net worth, and even the job market. Here’s a deeper dive into why homeownership is crucial to people, communities and our country.



Consider these stats about homeownership:

  • 87% of people said owning a home is part of their American dream
  • A typical homeowner’s net worth was $195, 400 while a renter’s was $5,400
  • Academic studies have shown that homeowners are healthier. This result arises from a better sense of self-control and self-worth among homeowners versus renters
  • Owning a home is good for the economy. With each home sale there are expenditures related to lawn care, home remodeling, new furniture, mortgage origination, moving, and an inducement to build new homes

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