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How to Choose a New Ohio Home Your Whole Family Will Love

Finding your family’s perfect home can be both fun and provide an opportunity to learn about one another and deepen family bonds. Make it an exercise in team-dreaming!


Start a conversation with your family members about what their favorite things about your current home. On a piece of paper, make two columns called “Our Home” and “Dream Home.” List all of those things on your dream home list, and post it where the family can see it and add to it. As you go through this process, start honing the list so you know what is “gotta-have” versus “wanna-have.”


As you are doing this planning, also consider the location of your dream home. How much commute will a new location mean for you and your spouse to work and to school for the children? What schools will they be attending as they grow up? What are your relaxation and entertainment habits as a family? Is it important to be near soccer fields or swimming pools? Churches and community features can also play an important role in your relocation decision.


What sort of home layout will work best for your family? Are you looking for an open concept home? Do you want a separate formal dining room? Are you looking for a ranch style home or a multi-story home? What energy features are important to you? How many bedrooms and bathrooms would be ideal for your family? How much yard do you need? Do you have pets that need room to roam?


There are many practical factors to consider when you are planning to buy a new luxury home. And there are many ways to make it a fun adventure that involves the whole family, giving them a stake in the project as well as building excitement for the prospect of change.


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