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What Your Interior Design Style Says About You

Interior Design Style

Your interior design style captures your inner personality and character within the décor of your home. Your home is where you spend most of your time and should be a place of comfort and relaxation. For this reason, your living space should reflect your unique traits, interests and qualities. But how exactly do you know what style or design scheme accurately represents you?

Take a look around your home and you will notice you have style. We find inspiration through home renovation shows and home design magazines and transfer that into our own homes all the time. Whether you are a modernist, minimalist, eclectic, industrial, etc., your home is your canvas. Each design style has a unique connection to personality types. Which of these interior design styles is most reflective of your personality?

Design Style: Scandinavian
Personality: Friendly, stylish, interested in culture and elegance

This simple and uncomplicated interior design style contains an abundance of style and comfort. Minimalistic and functional is the key to achieving this look in your home. Key color schemes include whitewash and timber tones. Copious amounts of candles and textures throughout the room give off an inviting, warm sense.

Design Style: Minimalist
Personality: Introverted, organized, methodical and efficient

Less is more is the key to this interior design style.  Minimalism design utilizes pared-down aesthetic design elements, stripping everything down to its most simple qualities. Bare kitchen counters and a space for all appliances are par for the course in this design style.

Design Style: Modern Farmhouse
Personality: Trendy yet classic, lively, chic

Rustic aesthetics are embraced in this trendy yet classic interior design style. New life is breathed into pieces of furniture with pops of color and new finishes. Throw pillows and ample seating are welcoming for crowds to gather. Flea market accents add the finishing touch to achieving this style.

Design Style: Classic
Personality: Poised, elegant and balanced

You’ll find traditional yet timeless décor in homes featuring this interior design style. Dating back to 17th century Europe, classic design embraces history and heritage. Color schemes utilizes calm, neutral tones like olive, beige cream and gold.

Design Style: Modern
Personality: Driven, organized, professional

Are you drawn to sleek, spacious, simple design that is focused on function and organization?  Modern design style embraces clean architectural lines and cubist forms. Primary colors are pure colors black, white, and neutrals with vibrant primary colors used as accents.

No matter where your life takes you, home is the place you come back to time and time again. Your home is meant to be a place of comfort, safety and self-expression, a representation of who you are. Your interior design style has purpose and meaning; it sends a clear message. Do you convey what is most important to you to the outside world through your home design style? Tell us about it!

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