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Add These Finishing Touches to Completely Transform a Space

Interior Design Tips

The shell of the room is complete. The walls are painted, window treatments are up and all the furniture is in place. For many, this is the end of decorating. If you find yourself looking around feeling like something is missing, follow these interior design tips to add the finishing touches that will give your room personality.

Choose a style

Pick a style or theme and then choose your accessories. Be creative with your inspiration! For example, your theme can be a book or a favorite hobby or even a destination. Whatever you choose emphasize it with trinkets around the room. Your theme will allow you to zero in and expand on colors, accessories and art for the space.

Create impact with groupings

Small objects can get lost is large spaces. Group several items together to add weight and impact to your accessories. You can arrange by height or hang symmetrically on the wall but always follow the rule of three: Odd numbers of recurring fixtures look more natural and effortless.

Add texture with mixed materials

A variety of finishes, such as wood, stone or glass add visual interest. Singular finishes can look flat so don’t be afraid to play with textures in your space. For example, a large mirror adds reflection and shine and compliments a large stone fireplace nicely. Black, brass or silver finishes can really pop in a neutral room. The possibilities are endless and will add personality and charm.

Balance color

One bright piece of furniture in a room of neutrals will get lonely. Pull that color out in various places such as soft throw pillows, artwork, area rug or even window treatments.

Reflect your personality

However you choose to finish a room, be sure that it is a representation of you. Choose accessories that have meaning to you and reflect your lifestyle. Your home is an extension of your story; it holds your memories and stores your treasures.

The finishing touches are the final, necessary steps to completing the look and design of your home. Give yourself the time to include elements that you enjoy and bring your home to life.  For more inspiration, follow our Instagram page and explore the creative touches our homes have added for personality and flair.