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Tips for Maximizing Your Space at Home

Maximizing Your Space at Home

While maximizing the space in your home has always been important, it is likely that you are spending more time there than ever before. Your home doesn’t just require a space for day-to-day living, but for remote working and possibly homeschooling or distance learning, as well. 


If you find yourself using your home for multiple purposes, here are some ways that you can maximize the space in your home so there is enough comfortable space for everyone. 


Create a True Heart of the Home

Your kitchen is the hub of your home, so organize it in a way to get maximum use out of it. Set it up with a homework station at the kitchen island, organize your pantry so that snacks are readily available for kids and adults who may be in need of a quick bite to eat between Zoom calls, and be sure there is a place for everything to be stored so it can go back to being your kitchen when it is time to cook dinner. 


Be Flexible

While your home may have a formal dining room and living room, consider if that is the best use of your space. Those rooms may be better suited for a home office, remote learning area, or even a play space for the kids. Traditional spaces may be a thing of the past in this new normal. 


Make an Escape 

Not an escape plan, a place to escape to! Each member of your family needs a little place to call their own. Create a quiet place in your bedroom where you can relax and get away from it all for even just a few minutes. Maybe a nook for reading, or where you can listen to music or watch your favorite show. 

Rec Room Homework Space

Dedicate a Rec Room

Whether it is a basement where your kids can burn off energy or get creative, or a crafting room for you – embrace your family’s hobbies and make room for them. Who knows, you may be encouraging the next Picasso! 


Take Your Laundry Room to the Next Level

It might not be the fanciest room in your house, but it likely has the most potential for helping you organize the rest of your house. If you don’t already have them, add shelves and cabinets where you can store items that you don’t use all of the time. By storing them away – neatly, of course – you create more room throughout the rest of your house. 

At Trinity Homes, we understand that all families are different so our homes are customized to meet the needs of your family so that everyone is comfortable. Contact us today if we can help you create your next home, with all the maximized space you need!