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Patio Planning Starts Now: Tips You Must Steal

Patio Planning Starts Now: Tips You Must Steal

The temperatures are warming up and backyard entertaining is soon to be in full swing…is your patio ready? Here are some tips to patio planning that you are going to want to steal to ensure you are ready for a patio season full of backyard entertaining!


Patio Planning Cleaning

Clean your patio

Start simple and sweep and maybe even powerwash your patio or deck. This “wakes up” the patio and helps you see any areas that may need special attention, like cracks in the brick or wood foundation. Also take the time to take a look at your exterior windows and patio doors. Do they need any attention? This is the perfect time of year to weatherize your windows and doors and make sure they’re working properly.


Patio Planning patio lights

Jazz it up

If you really want to go all-in on your backyard entertaining, now is the time to add new features to your outdoor space. Consider adding a fire pit or chiminea, create a water feature, hang some new lights, splurge on an outdoor speaker system, or even add a TV to create an outdoor family room. The options are endless, and technology is the name of the game – with many products on the market offering the ability to control your gadgets with an app on your phone.


Patio Planning pests

Deal with pests and mosquitoes

Nothing puts a damper on backyard entertaining like uninvited guests! Check your backyard for standing water that may be harboring insects and check around shrubs and foliage for critters that could wreak havoc on your garden or backyard. Whether you do it yourself or hire a pro, make sure to spray to keep these pests at bay. Burn candles made with bug repellent for an extra layer of protection during your backyard get together.



Decorating your patio

Decorate your space

A great way to make your patio pop is to incorporate bright hues that radiate summer. Whether the color is utilized through cushions, or is added through pieces of patio furniture, it will definitely add something extra to your backyard space. You can get creative with some DIY projects, or head to your nearest home store for inspiration.



patio with family


Regardless of how extravagant or simple your backyard space is, it should be comfortable and inviting where you can enjoy life’s little moments with family and friends. 



At Trinity Homes, we understand that all families are different so our homes are customized to meet the needs of your family so that everyone is comfortable. Contact us today if we can help you create your next home.