Create a Prayer or Meditation Room in Your Home

Create a Prayer or Meditation Space in Your Custom Home

Home Design

In our homes, we have spaces for activities that are not only important to us but sustain us. We have rooms for eating, sleeping, playing, cooking. Some homes even include spaces for crafting, sewing, reading, writing or painting. Working with a custom builder on your home design gives you the ability to make room for the aspects of your life that are most important to you.

Does daily meditation or prayer shape your life? Are you interested in creating a sacred space in your home that allows you to be present? When you work with Trinity Homes you can be sure your new home design will provide a space of tranquility to support your daily habit.

Why add a meditation or prayer space to your home design?

When we walk by a desk it may trigger a thought that reminds us to pay a bill. The refrigerator may prompt us to start planning dinner. A meditation space can help remind you of your intention to practice stillness.

A deep faith is not required to incorporate a prayer room into your custom home design plans. A spiritual space is helpful for a meditation practice but it can also serve as an escape from the chaos of modern life. A dedicated meditation or prayer space can bring balance to your whole family. Keep reading to learn how you can incorporate a prayer or meditation room into your custom home design.

Understand the purpose

Meditation or prayer spaces can serve a variety of purposes. Before you add this sacred space to your home design, understand how you would like to use the space. Is it for personal use or will you share it with others? How and why it is used can help you determine if you are designing more of a nook or a whole room.

Location is key

When considering the location of your sacred room, keep in mind it should be in a location that allows you to rest your mind and be peaceful. Right next to the central hub of the home would not be ideal. It should also be separate from your office, tucked away in a less used area of your home in order to fulfill its intention.

Fill the space with intentional items

Once the space is created, the items you place in the room should have meaning. This area should be associated with stillness, not clutter. Keep items in this space sacred and free from common use items found throughout the rest of the home.

Furnish the space with comfortable chairs or forego furniture for meditation pillows, yoga mats and rugs.

Consider color

Color plays an integral role in our moods. Consider neutral tones to inspire stillness or more vibrant colors to create more energy in the room.

Be open for change in your home design

Allow your space to evolve over time. Continue adding items to your space while clearing out pieces that aren’t as useful to you anymore. Create new rituals and intentions for it as your own spiritual practice grows.

Incorporating a prayer space in your home is easy when you customize your home with Trinity Homes. For any questions about home design or to start planning your dream home, contact us today.