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Tips to Improve Your Home’s Efficiency This Summer

As it begins to heat up in Ohio, it is a good time to think about ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency during the hot summer months. Let’s look at ways to stop the heat! Weather modification? No, just energy-wise strategies to use as little air conditioning as possible and still be comfortable. Your home’s infrastructure is the most important element here. How well insulated are your walls and ceilings? Is the attic insulated? If not, consider upgrading the insulation in the walls and attic.  Next, look at your doors and windows. Are drafts coming from around your doors and windows in the winter? If so, then in the summer your cool air is escaping through the same leaks. Caulking and weather sealing may be the answer here to plug those invisible energy-sinks.  Also look at the quality of your windows and doors and consider upgrading to double pane windows for better insulation in winter and summer.


Next let’s look at your forced air-cooling system. If there are exposed ducts be sure there are no leaks. If there are leaks in exposed ducts, you can use duct sealant to seal them. Have a professional service your air-conditioning unit to be sure it has enough Freon and that condenser coils are free of debris. If you have an old unit, consider replacing it with an energy efficient unit. Keep air filters clean by replacing them monthly. Vacuum duct vent covers weekly. Consider installing a programmable thermostat to regulate the temperature during the day when no one is home.


Then, of course, there are some strategies about what you do and when that will help keep the “internal heating” of your home to a minimum. Avoid using the oven if at all possible. Instead, use the grill, microwave or stove for cooking. Do laundry in the evening when at least the sun is not heating your home from the outside. Using the dryer can produce heat.


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