Buyers, Act Now to Move Before The 2019 School Year

Buyers, Act Now to Move Before the 2019 School Year

2018 School Year


Spring is definitely the busiest time to buy a new home, but it’s not necessarily the best. Buying in winter can be a smart idea for many reasons, especially for parents who want to move into a new home before the 2019 – 2020 school year. If you’re thinking of building a new home in 2019, home builders in Central Ohio recommend buying in winter to be ready for move-in by the beginning of the school year.

Beginning the process in December will leave plenty of time for finding the perfect house plans, site preparation, construction, moving, and unpacking before school begins in August.

Need to sell a house before moving into a new build? Listing in the winter makes a lot of sense. In the real estate world, the “spring” selling season actually starts in January. Buyers who are braving snow, ice and freezing temperatures to look at houses are serious buyers. This means homes listed in the winter months will tend to have fewer showings and quicker offers.

Buying in the winter comes with many benefits, as well. Interest rates tend to rise in the spring, which makes homes more affordable for December buyers than June buyers. Plus, realtors and lenders are less busy in the winter, which makes for agents that are eager to work with motivated buyers and lenders with more time on their hands to process paperwork.

Subcontractors are less busy in the winter, too, which is a big reason why home builders in Central Ohio say there are definite advantages to starting a construction project in the winter. Subcontractors and suppliers are more likely to meet your schedule during the construction off-season, which will make it easy to hit your move-in date!

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