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What Does Your Front Door Say About You?

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Homeowners spend hours deciding on the color, texture, handle, and knocker for their front door. These decisions can be tricky, especially since your front door is the centerpiece of your curb appeal. The appearance of your front door can also reveal a little about your personality and is a perfect opportunity to express yourself.

The color, finishes, and hardware you select all impact the look of the exterior of your home. Let’s take a look and see what your front door preferences say about you.


The front door is one of the first things guests see when they visit your home, and the color of your front door can tell them a lot about you right away.

A red door has history; red doors used to represent a friendly household open to travelers needing a place to rest. A red door means you are full of life, welcoming, and have a vibrant personality. You can start a conversation with any dinner guest.

Blues and greens exhibit a calm, peaceful home. You are well-balanced and avoid conflicts with others. On the other hand, yellow and orange doors stand out and grab the attention of passers by. People with yellow or orange doors are creative, risk takers who aren’t afraid of being the center of attention.

As for neutrals, owners with white doors are organized, neat, and minimalist, while black doors communicate elegance and style. Finally, a wood or brown tone means you are warm and easy-going.

Other Finishes

A wood door is a very traditional choice. There a a number of options with wood, like natural wood that is simplistic or more personalized, carved wood doors that communicate strength and family values.

Some homeowners opt for glass doors, with an open feel, that mean you are dreamy and curious about the world.


No matter what the color or finish, any front door can be dressed up with decorative pieces. Keep it traditional with an American flag or add charm with planted or hanging flower pots. Another great way to accessorize are wreaths, which can be customized for holidays and seasons.


No door is complete without the right door knobs, kick plates, and hinges. Again, your choices here make a special statement. Bronze is currently trending, and has a sophisticated look. Silver gives off a clean, simple look while gold is a little more daring and bold.