Discover Which Flooring Is Best For Your Home With These Tips

How to Choose the Right Flooring

Which Flooring Is Best

Determining which flooring is best for your new home can be overwhelming, so we asked Amber Malloy, Interior Designer at Trinity Homes, for some advice on things to consider when designing your home.  

While you want your home’s flooring to represent your style, let’s not forget that floors must withstand your lifestyle. Deciding whether to go with hardwood, tile, carpet, or laminate, will depend on how the space will be used. Some materials may be well-suited for high-traffic areas while others would not be able to stand up to the same level of wear and tear. On the other hand, some are optimal for providing comfort while others are much more functional and can withstand environmental factors that can degrade flooring like water, humidity, and direct sunlight.

Wood—Maple is a soft wood and tends to show dents and imperfections before Oak or Hickory, which are both hard woods that can take more abuse. While wood is highly recommended for use in kitchens, it definitely NOT recommended for use in bathrooms and basements.

TileMade from ceramic or porcelain, tile is water resistant and easy to clean. It’s typically considered a step up from vinyl aesthetically and is used in spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms that need to stand up to frequent cleanings. Now available in a variety of faux-finishes—like wood and stone—the popularity of tile continues to grow.

LaminateA synthetic material, vinyl is easy to clean and is highly water-resistant. It’s a natural pick for utilitarian spaces such as kitchens, laundry rooms and mud rooms. Luxury Vinyl Tile is a vinyl product that looks like stone or ceramic tile, complete with gorgeous natural colors and a surface texture that feels like the real thing. Because it maintains the look of wood and tile with the durability of vinyl, LVT is quickly becoming a top seller.

Carpet — When comfort is key, carpet is a natural choice. It’s best used in bedrooms and living areas, but should be treated to ensure that stains and soil don’t ruin your beautiful floors. SmartStrand carpet has a permanent built-in lifetime stain and soil resistance that will never wash off, walk off or wear off. It is resistant to bleach, mustard, and hard to clean stains like red wine and juice—and has a full pet warranty.

Your flooring choices should stay consistent throughout your home and speak to your style.  While flooring breaks are necessary at times, avoid mixing too many different materials. Keep in mind that certain types of flooring lend to certain styles, and how it is installed can impact the look even more. For instance,12×24 tiles laid in a grid pattern tend to have a more contemporary look than an offset pattern. Tile laid in a diamond pattern is a more traditional look, but still popular with some buyers.

Current Trends
Light toned wood is definitely a popular trend—it hides wear and dirt, and looks beautiful with white cabinets, which is also a huge trend and probably one that we won’t see going anywhere for quite a while. And consider that wood and tile will always be more alluring to prospective buyers than vinyl flooring. It holds its value and adds to the appeal of the home.

When you build with Trinity Homes, our design team will work with you to personalize every detail of your home from flooring to lighting, and everything in between. Contact a sales associate to learn more, or visit our Design Center today.