2021 and Beyond: Insights with Justin Shear - Trinity Homes

2021 and Beyond: Insights with Justin Shear

2021 and Beyond with Justin Shear

Justin Shear, Vice President, Sales, talks about the challenges and success of the company in 2021, and shares his insights into 2021 and the years ahead.

Looking back on 2020, what have been the biggest challenges and accomplishments for Trinity Homes?


The biggest challenge was certainly the rising cost of lumber and the shortage of both labor and material which was a result of COVID. That challenge has made setting expectations for build times nearly impossible and building costs have been soaring which has led to higher pricing for consumers. 


On the bright side, Trinity’s biggest accomplishment was having a year-over-year sales increase of 200%! I am shocked that we were able to accomplish such a strong year during a global pandemic but we did it!


What do you see happening in the construction housing marketing in Columbus this year?


As the COVID vaccine slowly works its way through Central Ohio I expect the strong housing market to continue into 2021. The Federal Reserve has already said they plan to keep interest rates low so buyers should strongly consider buying before that changes. 


What are you most excited about for Trinity as you look to 2021?


Continued success! With lots available and existing inventory remaining low it will be a strong year for Trinity Homes, and I can’t wait! We also hope to continue saving the lives of shelter dogs through the work of Gigi’s. Each day our operation grows and we have recently added a behavioral and parvo center to our facilities. 


What can we expect to see from Trinity in 2021?


Expect to see new floor plans and many of our newer communities get off of the ground! We are opening a new model in Howard Farms and have already started seeing strong sales in the community.  Our condo projects in Dublin and Grove City are going to sell very well as customers start to see the quality and value in both places. 


Where do you see Trinity Homes 5-10 years from now?


As a local home builder, we hope to continue to build high-quality custom homes while also focusing on our efforts with Gigi’s to save as many shelter dogs as we can. We will continue to give back to the community that has treated us so well over the years. Our values are larger than dollars and cents, it is about making a real difference.