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How to Sell Your House Quickly

Selling your home quickly can be a challenging proposition in almost any market. Here are a few tips to help you post that “Sold” sign.


  1. Price it right. Pricing is one of the most important components in selling your house – price it too high and you’ll get little interest, price it too low and you lose money. Getting the advice of an experienced, well-seasoned real estate agent is the best bet for pricing correctly.
  2. Make all the necessary repairs before you put it on the market. Freshen paint if necessary and make sure everything is in working order.
  3. Make sure the house is clean, and work to keep it that way. Also de-clutter the house, even if that means renting storage space. Less “stuff” makes the house look larger, and also makes it easier for potential buyers to focus on the house, and not your belongings. Don’t forget the closets. If closets are half-empty they’ll look much more spacious than if they are jammed-full.
  4. Make sure your “curb appeal” is great. Tidy flowerbeds and a nicely mowed lawn, as well as exterior paint in good condition go a long way to communicating to a prospective buyer that there is pride of ownership and care taken at this address.
  5. Consider using a staging company to furnish key rooms of your home. The simpler, less personalized your home looks, the easier it will be for a prospective buyer to “see” themselves and their family in the house. So new, staging furniture might be the answer.
  6. Choose the right time to market your home. Again, a real estate agent can be your best resource here.
  7. Be flexible about showing your house. The answer should always be “yes” when an agent calls and says, “Can we show in 30 minutes?”
  8. Take your pets out of the picture. When you’re showing your home, potential buyers shouldn’t even know you have pets. Clear out litter boxes and feeding bowls prior to showing the house.


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