Congratulations To The Great Home Giveaway Finalists

Meet The Great Home Giveaway Finalists

Great Home Giveaway


Dropping into an Ohio State FanFest at 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday could need a little further enticement on a day that marked 20 degrees. However, Julie Channing and Tim Anderson, were never so excited to rise up and get down to The Shoe for the Great Home giveaway target toss.

Julie, a dental hygienist from Columbus and Tim, an MD from Upper Arlington, were the two lucky finalists of the 2017 Trinity Homes/HER Realtors Great Home Giveaway—a second-year sweepstakes run in coordination with IMG and The Ohio State University.

For the past 11 weeks, the sponsoring companies have been working feverishly to gain as many entries as possible and let the Central Ohio community know that they take their giveaways seriously. With entries totaling 6,878 we were up over 43% from last year’s Great Home Giveaway.

Julie and her husband currently live in an apartment in Hilliard, so “winning this new home would be very timely!” Tim and his wife Jennifer are lifelong Buckeyes fans and have an entire room decorated “Buckeye-style.” He sees a new home also having that décor.



Unfortunately, both contestant’s shots came up a little short, but they sure had fun trying!

The consolation prize selected by both winners, compliments of Travel Partners in Dublin, are tickets to The Buckeye Cruise for Cancer in February 2018.  They also enjoyed two tickets each to the Michigan State game (and cheered the Buckeyes to victory!)

Missed out on a chance to enter this year? Stay tuned to Trinity Homes and HER Realtors for a chance in The Great Home Giveaway 2018.


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