Texture Variation Transforms Your Room from Drab to Fab

Texture Variation Transforms Your Room from Drab to Fab

Guest post from KP Designs & Associates


KP Designs and Associates BIA Parade of Homes


Mixing and matching patterns while also contrasting texture is the hottest designer trend right now. It can be difficult to accomplish effectively. The previous school of thought involved painting walls with your inspirational color, but this process has evolved. Now the approach is to paint the walls with a neutral base, and import color through accents.

Creating balance is key. If your curtains have a busy pattern, then you’ll need to ground your room with neutrals and solids, while still hosting points of viable interest. A neutral palette can be more exciting than most people realize. Adding color with your lamps and throw pillows can extend your efforts while adding additional tactile textures fosters conversation and interaction.  

To begin, choose an inspirational piece that brings you joy. Now allow the other items around it to pop by switching texture, like changing from burlap to metal. It can be a daunting challenge and many people struggle with this process. For this very reason, a full-service interior design firm can handle the heavy-lifting and turn this transformation into a calming and enjoyable experience.

Interior Design Textures

The designers at KP Designs & Associates indicate that fur is still a booming trend right now. Some of their recent clients incorporate velvet or even grasscloth wallpaper somewhere in the room. Mixing wool and linen are also interesting approaches. All of these elements can produce stunning synergy, and the combinations are endless.

You want to make each texture or pattern distinct from those around them, yet not overwhelm each other. Use the decor to elaborate on your original inspirational piece that you had fallen in love with. This can be a tedious yet jolly journey. Remember to have patience with yourself, as harmony and balance must exist in your dwelling yet these do not come instantly. Challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone, and enjoy the smiles and compliments that these new textures produce. Show it off…. you deserve it!