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The Pros and Cons of Buying a Resale House

Like any major decision, analyzing whether a resale house is right for you and your family requires careful analysis. Here are some of the pros and cons of buying a resale house that might help you decide what’s right for you.




  • Since older homes may need updating, repairs and renovations, they may be lower priced to help bring buyers. Be sure to consider the cost of repairs and renovations in the offer you make and in the final price you’ll pay for the home.


  • If the home has been well-maintained, you have the security of knowing it has been “test driven” – lived in and taken care of, so any major issues would have been addressed.


  • Older, established neighborhoods may have less of the “cookie cutter” appearance, with many different floor plans within a given neighborhood.


  • The neighborhood your resale home is located in can be a major benefit of the resale home. The community is established and you know the activities, civic organizations, and benefits that are part of living in that community.


  • Most resale homes will come with window coverings – which can be a large expense if they’re not there.


  • In older neighborhoods, you’ll have mature trees and landscaping.




  • Older homes are usually smaller, with less storage and don’t usually have the master suite unless it has been remodeled.


  • Generally speaking, older homes are less energy-efficient.


  • Maintenance may be an issue. If maintenance or upgrades to the home have not been professionally done, you may be buying a money-pit, and taking on headaches of redoing poorly-done or unpermitted renovations or system upgrades – like plumbing, electrical or heating, and air conditioning.


  • The home may need major renovation and repairs. This can be a difficult process. Be sure you’re ready to take it on.


  • Roof condition is another major consideration in purchasing a resale home, and one sellers are leaving to the buyer to deal with.


  • Older neighborhoods may not have the amenities of walking paths and greenways that newer neighborhoods have.


In the end, what really matters is what type of home best fits the needs of your family. Not all resale homes are the same, but there is a certain amount of risk involved in any decision of the magnitude. Be sure to choose carefully after doing a thorough analysis of what works best for your family.


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