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Tips for Setting Up Your Home Office

There’s no doubt that working from home has become more and more popular – and necessary. Many people are struggling to find the appropriate work space in their increasingly crowded homes. As a result, we are seeing more people seeking out larger homes, or building custom homes, with spaces for a home office.  We know that creating a comfortable and effective home office that you love is not only essential to your productivity but overall happiness. Take a look at a few tips to create the perfect home office for working from home.

 Home Office Infographic

Be Intentional with Your Furnishings

You want your office space to be stimulating and productive, so choosing fresh, simple, and neutral-colored decor and furnishings is a good way to go.

Go Green

Research shows that greenery indoors can reduce stress and fatigue, and restore attention.

Get Curvy

Curvilinear furniture evokes relaxed, calm and overall positive feelings.

Invest In Effective Lighting

The right lighting will reduce eye strain, and keep your energy bill down. Dimming the lights has been shown to improve creative performance. 

Storage Solutions

Unless you want pens, books, and binders cluttering your desk, investing in adequate storage space is a must.

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