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Tips When Picking Out Your Perfect Land

Tips When Picking Out Your Perfect Land

For many people, the idea of buying land and building their perfect house on it is a dream waiting to happen. But before you are able to get to the fun part of designing and building your new home, you need to find the right property at the right price in the right location… not always an easy task! Here are a few tips when picking out your perfect land to get you started:



Finding the right property within your budget can take time. It is essential that you know what you are able to afford for the piece of land, as part of your overall budget for your new home. 



We’ve all heard it before, the most important thing about your new home is location, location, location. But what exactly does that mean, and what are some things you should consider when selecting the perfect land for your new home? While it is certainly not a comprehensive list, here are a few things to consider:


  • Community or rural – Do you want to be in a neighborhood with other homes close by, or do you prefer to have plenty of space between you and your neighbor?
  • Lot size + Condition – How big of a lot do you want to have – do you need room for a pool or prefer a low-maintenance, smaller lot? It is important to understand how the lay of the land (elevation, slope, etc.) and what site work needs to be done in order for construction to begin.
  • Community + Restrictions – Are there good schools for the kids? Is the lot in close proximity to work or family and friends? Are there HOA fees, historic district restrictions, front & side setbacks, or any possible exemptions in place on the land?
  • School District: Whether it’s a family with children or first-time homebuyers, shopping for a home in a location with strong local schools is key to quality living and an increased home value. Here are a few things to consider during the home buying process.
  • Property Taxes – These will stay with you so make sure you know what the taxes will look like and if they are something that you can afford. 



Once you think you’ve found the perfect piece of land to build your new home, it is essential to find a home builder to make your dream a reality. For homebuyers who want to build a new home on their perfect lot without the time or cost of a custom home construction, a semi-custom home allows clients to start with their choice from our unique tried-and-true existing floor plans and then customize the home with our in-house architects to meet their specific needs while adding personal touches.


Trinity Homes offers a portfolio of floor plans, which include a long list of luxury standard features, that can be customized to a greater degree than the production home. We offer customization options to any of our home floor plans so that your dream home is the perfect fit for your family. Contact us today to learn more about the communities we build in, find your perfect home plan, or even browse our inventory homes.