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Why Buy Real Estate in the Middle of A Pandemic

Why Buy Real Estate in the Middle of A Pandemic

It might seem a little crazy to pack up all of your belongings and move in the middle of a global pandemic. But that is exactly what a lot of people did, and continue to do, as 2020 continues to grace us with its presence. Nothing makes you long for a little more space, something a bit more updated, or closer to family than being stuck in your home for days, weeks, and months at a time. 

Other than realizing you just don’t really love your home, why are more and more people deciding in a time of utter uncertainty to make a major life change? 

Home Really is Where the Heart Is

While the financial value of your home has likely always been clear, before this major disruption to our everyday lives it was not clear just how much we treasure being at home. For many of us, our home is a place of comfort and safety and where we spent much of the last six months hunkered down with those closest to us. 

As a result you may have a renewed interest in either finding a home that better suits your family, or investing in your existing home by undertaking a renovation. When everything else is stripped away, it became clear that your home is really what matters. 

Home is Not Just Home Anymore

Another result of the global pandemic in our everyday lives? Our homes are no longer just for eating, sleeping, and raising a family. Rather, it’s very possible your home has become your workplace and your kids’ school. And nothing makes you realize how little space you have until you are all forced to share it for hours and hours each day. 

It seems that the work/school-from-home culture is here to stay at least for the near future, so the idea of upgrading has become much more appealing at the same time that interest rates are making it more affordable.  And another financial incentive for the work-from-home buyer? When your home is also your office, a portion of your mortgage may be eligible as a home-office tax deduction. 

At Trinity Homes, we understand how important a home is to your family. All of our homes are customized to meet the needs of your family so that everyone is comfortable. Contact us today if we can help you create your next home.