6 Things Homeowners do Before Winter | Winter Home Maintenance

Six Things Proactive Homeowners do Before Winter Comes

Winter Home Maintenance

There’s nothing quite like fall in Ohio, but snow days and freezing nights will inevitably be upon us before we even have the chance to say, “more pumpkin spice, please.” Winter weather can often be very harsh on a house, but with a little bit of time and care your house will be able to withstand whatever Jack Frost has in store for this upcoming season. Read on for Trinity Homes’ tips on winter home maintenance.

Feeling a Draft?

On the next windy day inspect your doors, fireplace, brick walls, electrical outlets, and especially windows for drafts by carrying a candle or incense stick around and watching the flame and smoke patterns. Sealing up even the smallest of draft-prone areas will make a huge difference.

Avoid Fires

There is an increased risk of house fires in the winter, according to American Red Cross. Be prepared by getting your fire extinguishers examined by a professional. Making a habit of replacing the batteries in your smoke detector during each Daylight Savings Time will ensure you and your family stay safe in the event of a fire. Interior decorating is wonderful (trust us—we have a highly talented team of designers dedicated to beautifying your home) but no floor or garage is complete without a fire extinguisher.

Prepare Your Roof

No one wants to pay for roof repairs, let alone spend the time inspecting a roof for possible damage. However, this is one of the smartest ways to ensure good winter home maintenance. Make sure to catch repairs to roofing, siding, gutters, and grading before they become a problem—and don’t forget about Trinity Homes’ 35 year fully transferable structural warranty.

Clean Your Gutters

Falling leaves can be breathtaking, but don’t forget where they can land. Your gutters are the perfect home for these drifting leaves to pile up in. Before it gets too cold outside – get up there and clean the gunk out of your gutters. Not doing so increases the risk of frozen water building up in the wintertime and water finding its way into your foundation.

Clean Up The Yard

Make sure to disconnect garden hoses and store them safely inside for the winter. Make it a family affair to rake up the leaves in the yard so the grass has the optimal chance to rejuvenate early on in the spring.

Protect Your Furniture

Bring your patio furniture inside to increase its longevity. It will be a glorious feeling bringing it back out (nice and clean) for the first time in the spring on to a luscious green yard!


Winter home maintenance can be as easy as spending one day inspecting areas of the home that are most susceptible to winter weather damage. If everything checks out, great! If not, get ahead of the problem so you aren’t spending your winter season catching leaks instead of cozying up by the clean fireplace with a cup of steaming hot cocoa.

Still searching for the perfect home to keep you warm and dry this winter? Contact a Trinity Homes sales representative today to get started on finding your dream home.