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Neighborhood Features to Consider Before Buying a House in Ohio

Where you live is an important component of the new home decision. No matter how experienced a homebuyer you are, here are a few tips when you’re looking at what neighborhood will suit you and your family’s needs. 


When considering your neighborhood, think about where you want to live keeping in mind all the components of your life: where do you work; where is your children’s school now and where is it likely to be in the future; what community activities are of interest to you and your family; where is church located; is grocery and other shopping convenient to the neighborhood; are you close to your favorite restaurants and bars; are there entertainment venues close by; are there pleasant outdoor spaces to enjoy nearby?


Here are some ideas for getting an understanding of the neighborhood features


  • First do a little research online. Scope out neighborhoods near to or with all those important components either as main neighborhood features or in close proximity to where you want to be.
  • Next check out your candidate neighborhoods in-person. Look at the neighborhood features – pools, golf courses, community recreation centers. Look at the homes, how well people maintain their landscaping and the exterior of their homes.
  • Take a walk in your candidate communities. Ask homeowners about their community, what they like, and what they dislike.
  • Tour model homes in your candidate neighborhoods. Make sure you take photos and keep a journal of your assessments.
  • Make sure you understand if there are homeowner’s association (HOA) fees and codicils or rules. Sometimes, these HOA fees can be very high, and the rules very restrictive.
  • It is also a great idea to visit the local municipal authority. There you can learn what the zoning laws are for the neighborhood. You can also get an idea – at the planner’s office – what is planned for the area. Also ask the developer and real estate agent what they know of plans for the area.


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