How to Throw a Football to Win Trinity Homes' Great Home Giveaway

How to Throw a Football to Win Trinity Homes’ Great Home Giveaway

throw football

The time to announce our two finalists for the Trinity Homes and HER Realtors Great Home Giveaway is fast approaching. To be considered for the drawing, enter our contest here.

Our two finalists will receive tickets to the OSU vs. Michigan State game at The Shoe on November 11, 2017. At the game, our finalists will be given ONE attempt at the Target Toss game. To give you the best chance of winning a NEW Trinity Home valued at $250,000, here are Trinity Home’s top-secret tips to accurately throw a football. It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Find the right football

A football is pretty unmistakable. It’s easy to recognize the brown, oval shaped ball with white laces and white rings around the ends. What most people don’t realize is the importance of size. Size 9 is the official size for professional and college level football and will be the size we use for our toss. Make sure you use this size while practicing at home before the big day.

2. Grip the football

Remember those laces? You want to place the ring and pinkie finger on your throwing hand in between the laces and your thumb underneath them on the other side of the ball. Use the white rings as a guide and position your thumb just underneath the white ring. Your pointer finger goes over a seam towards the tip of the ball, making a right angle with your thumb. Hold the ball firmly with your fingertips. DO NOT “palm” the ball.

3. Throw the football

Stand with your feet shoulder distance apart, have a slight bend in your knees and turn sideways, with the foot opposite your throwing arm in front, aimed at your target (if you throw right-handed, your left foot is forward). Locate your target and lock in your gaze, cock your arm back bringing it to a ninety-degree angle, rotate through the shoulder as you prepare to release the ball. Step with your front foot and use your whole body to send the ball soaring through the air and zip through your target. Follow through your throw to complete the toss. Pro tip: The inside of your index finger should be the last part of your body to touch the football.

It’s that simple! Trinity Homes, OSU and HER Realtors are excited to provide this opportunity for the chance to win a $250,000 home. There are plenty of ways to sign up for The Great Home Giveaway. With these great tips, there is no reason to delay. Hopefully we see you on November 11.